Project planning services apply to all types of projects: master plans, development plans, environmental assessments, impact reports, and feasibility studies. These services include: 

Project Description and Program Development 
Discussions with municipality and developer to help establish a compatible mix of land uses and building intensities for a site. This forms a "Development Concept" as the basis for preparing more detailed plans, cost estimates, and specifications as work progresses on site planning and design. 

Environmental Assessment of Existing Site Conditions 
An inventory of physical features - slopes, soil conditions, tree cover, drainage, wetlands, and access - produces data that is assembled and displayed on an existing site conditions map indicating areas that may be difficult to build on, within the site. This provides direction for preferable areas on the site to utilize for development. 

Inventory of Available Infrastructure 
Descriptions of water supply, sewage disposal, drainage, and roadway capacities help determine needed on-site and off-site improvements that may be necessary to serve the project, along with their estimated costs. 

Review Applicable Zoning, Subdivision, and Environmental

Protection Regulations 
A thorough review of codes, ordinances, and regulations affecting the project identifies issues that may require resolution and helps to establish design criteria. 

Preparation of Phasing and Build-Out Schedule
Large projects have to be phased according to market conditions and available financing. A tentative phasing schedule helps guide future development of the project.

Submittals and Meetings for Necessary Permits and Approvals
Plans, renderings, and exhibits with supporting documents full describe and illustrate the project. These include illustrative site plans, soils reports, drainage calculations, traffic reports, and construction details.

Along with our service you will also receive: 

  • Design

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