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 Woody Cammett Honored as  

Amesbury Lions Club 2018 Humanitarian of the Year 

On May 11th, our very own Woody Cammett was honored as the Amesbury Lions Club Humanitarian of the Year -- What an incredible distinction! Woody was recognized at the Amesbury Lions 36th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament at the Apple Hill Golf Club in East Kingston, New Hampshire. Thank you Amesbury Lion's Club for a wonderful event!
Click to see full Wicked Local Newburyport article
“Woody’s dedication to Amesbury has been unparalleled in generosity, magnified by his love of community and exemplified by a goodhearted nature toward all. Woody’s professional experience is matched two-fold by his generous spirit."
-    John Massua in Wicked Local Newburyport 

“Woody and his company’s care for the Amesbury community is evident everywhere, highlighted by his commitment and support for the Amesbury Educational Foundation and visible during the holidays as the Amesbury Community Christmas Tree brightens the downtown."
-     Steven Derocki in Wicked Local Newburyport

 Welcome Joe & Marty! 

Joseph Anatone joined the staff as a project engineer in July. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in May 2018 with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Joe participates in a variety of tasks around the office as he learns more about the field and progresses in his career as a civil engineer. He is interested in learning and implementing new technologies the field has to offer. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and cycling.

Marty joined the Cammett Engineering staff as an administrative assistant in September 2017. She has over twenty-five years of office experience working in various positions including office management and executive administrative support.  She attended Gannon University in Erie, PA and Edinboro University in Edinboro, PA.  Outside the office, Ms. Herdrich enjoys reading, knitting, long walks (especially in York, ME) and spending time with family and friends.

 Abbot Hall, Marblehead, MA  

Cammett Engineering has been selected by McGinley Kalsow & Associates to prepare an existing conditions plan for the Historic Abbot Hall.  Abbot Hall, an iconic and stately Romanesque brick edifice, is the town hall located at 188 Washington Street, Marblehead, Massachusetts. In addition to town offices for the Selectmen, the Town clerk and the Historical Commission, the building contains the highly popular Spirit of 76 painting, the original 1684 Town Deed, a Maritime Museum, Sign Museum, numerous displays and artwork related to the Town, and a Gift Shop. Utilizing both GPS and traditional transit equipment the hall and surrounding grounds will be located horizontally and vertically to create a baseline for the future refurbishment. We at Cammett are proud to be working on such a beautiful and historic property. Click HERE to read more!   

 Sustainability Engineering at Appledore Island 

Jacob Shactman, an intern at Cammett Engineering, had the opportunity to broaden his horizons at a Sustainability Engineering internship at Appledore Island through a program with UNH & Cornell University. Here's his adventure!

Sustainable Engineering Experience on Appledore Island
Appledore Island, located within the Isles of Shoals off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire is home to Shoals Marine Lab, a research laboratory run by Cornell University and UNH. In the summer months, Shoals Marine Lab houses upwards to 100 students, researchers, staff, and interns. Being a remote island, this creates many engineering challenges as the water, wastewater, and energy systems must be completely self-sufficient as they are not connected to the mainland. These challenges have encouraged Shoals Marine Lab to invest heavily in sustainable engineering solutions throughout the years. Each year, a group of 4 Sustainable Engineering Interns are tasked with a variety of projects to improve sustainability on the Island.
As one of the 2018 Sustainability Engineering Interns, I had the opportunity to spend a month of my summer on Appledore Island. As a civil & environmental engineering student with a focus in water resource engineering, I naturally found myself as a team lead on 4 projects which included the groundwater research project, rainwater collection system design project, wastewater solids solutions research project, and also conducted a transportation analysis on the island. Other projects included studying the green grid performance, adjusting the depth of discharge to optimize the output and lifespan of the battery bank, a solar array analysis, and researching potential refrigeration upgrades. The final report can be seen HERE for those who are interested in learning more about these projects.
“How do power, water, and sanitation systems on a small island help us understand larger issues in sustainability?”
Although the green grid and water/wastewater systems are of a small scale, they provide a very unique opportunity to study some of the bigger picture questions when it comes to sustainability. One example of this includes preparing for dry years by reusing rainwater to reduce pressure on the well, which can in turn reduce the likelihood of having to use the energy intensive reverse osmosis system. Another example includes learning how to design an energy grid to run primarily off of renewable energy, and to be able to work in sync with the backup generators when needed.  Because these systems are of such a small scale, they are very user friendly when researching them as you can simply hook up a water gauge, energy meter, or drop a transducer directly into the aquifer. This allowed me to gain hands on engineering experience, acting as a consulting engineer for the island staff while also having the opportunity to work with various engineering firms on the mainland, as well as engineering professors from leading universities. One of the highlights from my experience was witnessing the first time the island has gotten through the night at full occupancy without having to turn on the diesel powered generator. With the implementation of a new battery bank and solar array this summer, this milestone was achieved on a consistent basis for the first time ever on Appledore Island!
My experience last summer at Cammett Engineering was instrumental in helping me succeed within this rigorous program as I gained a clear understanding of how to present technical engineering work to a client in a professional environment. Cammett Engineering’s exemplary work within the field of Civil Engineering set a high standard as to what is expected of me when a team of engineers takes on a complex project. This helped me work effectively within project teams to develop a variety of solutions to ultimately better the island community and ensure a sustainable future.

 The Living Wall  

Cammett Engineering recently designed this is a “living wall” at a client's West Newbury, MA site. The living wall was created at this site to maintain the look of the natural environment which keeps the area as “one with nature”. Not only is it visually appealing but it also helps to mitigate wetlands and filters impurities from the water and air. This is a win-win situation! Once the hydroseeding grows in, it will barely be noticeable, especially compared to a typical concrete retaining wall.

 Giving Back to Our Community 

 Amesbury Educational Foundation (AEFI) 

Autumn Evening of Giving 

 Amesbury Chamber of Commerce

7th Annual Ladies Gold Tournament 

On November 5th, the Amesbury Educational Foundation held their 9th Annual Autumn Evening of Giving at Restaurante Molise. As of this year, the SGT Jordan M. Shay Memorial Foundation has donated over $155,000 in scholarships and grants to the Amesbury school system, graduating seniors and local veterans. At this year's event, the $10,000 SGT Jordan M. Shay Memorial Grant and $5,000 AEFI Educational Grant were awarded. 

Visit the Amesbury Educational Foundation's Facebook page for some photos from the evening!

The 7th Annual Ladies Golf Tournament was held on September 10th by the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce. We are so proud to sponsor this event to bring together the women of our community. Every year, a portion of our proceeds fund an Amesbury High School Scholarship in memory of Marcia Cammett. These scholarships are given to many deserving graduates to assist them as they further their educations. 

 Always Learning More! 

At Cammett Engineering we firmly believe that you can never stop learning! Our staff strives to learn more everyday - whether it is from webinars, in class sessions, lunch and learns or simply from one another. This Fall, Project Surveyor Jane Salvaggio, has been especially busy in the classroom!  Jane recently attended two courses through UMaine: 

  • CET 101: Plane Surveying which was a beginning course studying surveying instruments and their use in the measurement of angles, distances and elevations. Also includes mathematics, computational methods, adjustments and measurement analysis used in plane surveying.

  • CET 202: Construction Surveying which focused on the study of surveying procedures in construction. Includes volume computations, horizontal curves, compound curves, reverse curves, vertical curves, stakeout, grade layout, profile and cross sections. Instrument experience is emphasized using total stations, laser levels and G.P.S.

We are especially proud and excited to announce that Jane has recently passed the Surveyor-In-Training testing! She studied in every spare minute she could find and her hard work has paid off. Jane has been working under our Professional Licensed Surveyor for 3 years and is working hard to advance her career, knowledge and job skills. We are so lucky to have her as part of our staff, Congratulations Jane!!

Thank you!  

From our Cammett Engineering family to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season! 

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