Environmental Engineering

These projects include pump stations and storage tanks for water supply, detention ponds for storm water control, and sewerage system design for municipalities. Our staff includes registered sanitary engineers, who regularly attend seminars to provide the latest technology in environmental engineering and its applications.

Storm Water Control


NPDES Permits
Detention/Retention Ponds
Storm Water Collection Systems
Hydrological Design


Water Supply


Groundwater Modeling
Groundwater Development
Surface Water Impoundment


Water Treatment & Distribution


Pumping Stations
Storage Reservoirs
Transmission Main Design
Hydraulic Modeling
Rate Studies


Erosion Control


NPDES Permits
Storm water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)


Subsurface Absorption Systems


Subsurface Soil Evaluation
Subsurface Disposal Design/Repair
Innovative Design Concepts
Subsurface System Evaluation

Along with our service you will also receive: 

  • Design

  • Consultation

  • Lifetime Business Relationship    

To discuss your project or obtain more information, please contact Woody Cammett at (978) 388-2157 or at info@cammett.com

Cammett Engineering is utilizing a new FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System (HPMBS) in some of our latest projects! This FocalPoint Biofiltration System is used for high efficiency stormwater management by utilizing the physical, chemical, and biological mechanisms of soil, plants, and microbes. This helps remove the pollutants within stormwater runoff and also provides a Low Impact Solution which reduces hard infrastructure, decreases installation and maintenance cost, and improves property aesthetics. This stormwater management system is typically used in parking lots, roadways, and within urban settings. LEARN MORE!

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