Bidding Assistance

Staff engineers and designers are experienced in Municipal, State and Private Construction Bid Assistance.


Contract Document Preparation


  • Bid Specifications

  • Construction cost estimates

  • Development plans

  • Preparation and submission of legal notices and proper advertisement for bids


Bid Analysis


  • Review bids for completeness, contractor qualifications and references

  • Contractor recommendations


Construction Observation Phase


  • Preparation of opinion of costs for surety

  • Conducting pre-construction conferences including attendance by representatives of all     municipal departments, utility companies, site contractor representatives, and the developer.

  • On Site reviews of critical path elements of construction including video record.

  • Preparing and distributing meeting minutes, site visit reports etc. to all parties.

  • Monitoring of project progress vs. contractors schedule

  • Review of project surety reduction requests for Planning Board vote of surety reduction

  • Review of as built plans






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  • Design

  • Consultation

  • Lifetime Business Relationship    

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