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Civil Engineering

Staff engineers and designers are experienced in many specific areas of civil engineering including highway design, land planning, and site analysis. At the municipal, state, or federal level, we manage and design client's projects from highways and utility systems to athletic fields and subdivisions. Cammett Engineering has worked for cities and towns, developers, businesses, contractors, and private citizens on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

     Land Capability Studies

          Athletic Fields

     Site Planning

          Landscape Plans

     Drainage and Runoff Studies

          Visual Analysis Studies

     Roadway and Parking Lot Design

          Open Space Plans   

     Subdivision Design

          Wetland Restoration and Mitigation Plans

     Sustainable Development

          Erosion Control Plans

     Low Impact Development (LID)

          Landscape Management Programs

     Multi-family Residential Design

          Streetscape Enhancement Plans  

     Water Supply and Storage Systems

          Outdoor Lighting Design

     Waterfront and Marina Design

          Site Improvement Plans

     Park and Recreation Facility Design

          Handicapped Accessibility Design


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